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Cookies are not a kind of program or software, these are just small data stored, designed and used to remember things that an internet user has done when visiting a website in the past, which can include logging in, links clicked, favorite pages...
Cookies are small files are either stored in the memory of your computer Cookies are used to help the user’s browsing experience and provide more information about the user’s experience and interests. This information is generally used to make content, services and advertising more relevant.
Cookies helps an internet user to remember his preference. You can disable cookies from your internet browser if you want to do so, as exemple, for Internet Explorer:
Select: 'Tools' Click on: 'Internet Options' Click the: 'Privacy' tab Move the slider to choose your settings For more detailed privacy settings click on: 'Advanced'

For Google Chrome: Click on the: 'Tools' menu Select: 'Options' Click the: 'Under the Bonnet' tab Find the: 'Privacy' section Click: 'Content settings' Click the: 'Cookie settings' tab and choose your settings

For Firefox: Click on: 'Menu', then 'Options' Select: 'Privacy' Select: 'Cookies' Choose your settings

For Safari: Choose: 'Preferences' from Safari menu Select: 'Security' Cookie settings are shown Choose your settings

For AOL: From the AOL toolbar, select 'Settings' Select: 'Internet Options' Select: 'Use your Internet Explorer Settings to set advanced browser options' Select the: 'Privacy' tab Select: 'Advanced' Deselect override automatic cookie handling button Choose your settings

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SITE SECURITY SCAN: this tool from AVG free anti virus will scan a website for potential unwanted programs such as malware, virus, phishing... A good tool to verify if a website is safe for your browsing computer or device.

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